Degree Name

Master of Engineering - Research


School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering


The importance of building information and energy displays is increasing as a result of more advanced building technologies, products, metering and control becoming widespread in homes. However, there is currently no advanced visualisation platform to display information and real time sensor data within the 3D environment being monitored available for retrofit. This leads to a shortfall in understanding of how to effectively implement advanced building technologies for occupants and a need for a simplified and intuitive 3D building information display method exists. The retrofit augmented 3D building information display of key building information, developed as part of this thesis, allows better understanding of how retrofit systems, technologies and building occupants interact with their environment, empowering the occupants of residential buildings with the information required to effectively manage and control energy use towards energy efficient solutions. The research clarified whether augmented 3D building information displays can be effectively applied to residential buildings and assessed the reaction of visitors to these displays for the communication of building information in order to minimise energy use.

The research used the design, construction and operation of the Illawarra Flame Solar Decathlon home as a case study for the purposes of implementing the augmented display and gaining feedback. Surveyed participants were toured through the case study home and augmented display method, before being asked a series of open ended questions to evaluate how a retrofit augmented 3D building information display can assist in maximising the sustainability outcomes of residential buildings. The results highlighted a number of benefits of using augmented display methods for enhancing the human/display interaction along with current limitations in technology and implementation.

FoR codes (2008)

080602 Computer-Human Interaction, 090608 Renewable Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Solar Cells), 091599 Interdisciplinary Engineering not elsewhere classified, 120202 Building Science and Techniques



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