Degree Name

Masters of Engineering (Research)


Department of Engineering


This thesis investigates the development of a decision support system for the remediation of road infrastructure in local government, specifically flexible pavements. Augmenting theoretical knowledge with the heuristics and procedural knowledge of experienced road asset managers and road engineers, the software program “PaveMaint SELECT” was created to assist local government organisations in the maintenance and management planning of their road networks.

An extensive literature review was undertaken on the characteristics, performance and the deterioration modes of flexible pavements along with suitable remediation practices necessary to prolong the life of those pavements. A further review was undertaken on decision making practices in road asset management and maintenance, including a review of data collection and quality evaluation processes both in literature and through that of an initial case study of a New South Wales local government organisation.

The “PaveMaint SELECT” program was then tested in a series of field interviews and case studies from experienced local government road asset managers and road engineers. Through validation and refinement stemming from system testing, the final “PaveMaint SELECT” program is able to effectively provide recommendations that replicate real-world decisions made by experienced local government road practitioners.