Degree Name

Master of Arts (Research)


Faculty of Creative Arts


Our lives are affected by the antecedent and the consequent as both a natural and mundane physical function and as a highly complex metaphysical construct. As the title suggests this thesis considers the motivation behind the placement of antecedent and consequent material in music. It illustrates how I use the antecedent and the consequent, a fundamental motivational process in my life, coupled with techniques and principles of automation and virtual instrument design, to achieve my desired compositional outcome in the Electropism series of works, Repercussion and many others. The thesis begins by discussing elements of structure and form in electroacoustic music as well as various philosophical and musical influences that play a pivotal role in my compositional procedure. I then put forth and analyse various metaphysical constructs such as action and reaction, necessary connection and music beyond language and discuss the type of creative environments used to realise my musical explorations. From here I provide concrete examples of how particular constructs function in my compositions as well as addressing some of the more technologically-oriented facets of my music using virtual instruments I have designed. The conclusion serves to reconsider and typify my compositional process.