Degree Name

Bachelor of Education (Honours)


Faculty of Education


An examination of five schools in the illawarra Region was conducted to determine what was happening in school libraries in 1989. Principals, librarians and teachers were interviewed and surveyed to discover their perception of the role of a library in a school and within the curriculum.

The students were surveyed to find out what activities they participate in within their library lessons. The attitudes and feelings of the students were explored to discover their likes and dislikes about their school libraries and how they felt in a library environment.

The study also evaluated the implementation of the Libraries in New South Wales Government Schools Policy Statement 1987 at each school site.

A naturalistic paradigm was chosen for the study using a variety of data collection modes including questionnaires, interviews and classroom observations.

The results of the study indicated that the surveyed schools were at various stages of implementing the policy statement. However all schools had experienced similar problems which restricted the complete implementation of the policy.

Analysis of the student data revealed thaf the majority of respondents displayed a positive attitude towards the library. Students indicated that they were developing sound strategies for locating information, through involvement in interesting and stimulating experiences.