Degree Name

Master of Computer Science Research


School of Computer Science and Software Engineering


Colour vision deficiency (CVD), also known as colour deficiency, is a relatively common inherited impairment. CVD is often misunderstood as colour blindness, that a person who suffers from it detects no colour. Colour is being used so naturally without taking colour impairments into concern during the design process, or rather a expensive to include for every product made. Electronic devices include computers and handheld devices immersed into daily life. This research targets to reduce the inconvenience of colour impairments when using this essential gadgets. This study focuses on understanding the potential of a framework using colour spaces and mappings to compensate for colour vision deficiency. Through calibration in accordance with the degree along with type of colour impairment produces instant mapping of the output on the display, assists the colour deficiency patients for visual tasks.



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