Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Creative Arts


The primary purpose of this research was to explore and investigate issues informing contemporary Jordanian graphic design education, in order to produce better graphic designers ready to join the workforce. This was done by reviewing the field of comparative education, reviewing international graphic design education models, and interviewing a number of faculty members from different Jordanian universities. The study revealed that most of the graphic design teachers believe that the majority of graduates from Jordanian graphic design bachelor programs are not industry ready. It also revealed that the curricula for graphic design in Jordanian universities have a number of strengths and weaknesses and that there is a real need to consider fieldtraining courses in the core curricula of all the Jordanian universities that teach graphic design. The level of research in the field of graphic design in the Jordanian universities is poor in terms of quality and quantity. There is a shortage of qualified teachers, lack of funds, heavy teaching loads for existing faculty members and shortcomings in promotion regulations. The study also revealed that the Ministry of Higher Education is not active in developing research or improving the various disciplines that are taught. The thesis identifies a need for further research that should include other parties involved in the graphic design education process in Jordan.