Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Law


The Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Eelam (LTTE) - popularly known as the Tamil Tigers - was militarily defeated in May 2009 after three decades of civil war against the Sri Lankan government. Nearly four years on since their demise, the evolution of the LTTE campaign still remains an underst udied subject. While literature on the LTTE campaign is abundant, there is still a need for research that systematically examines the campaign dynamics . Within the field of terrorism studies more generally, there is also a need to pay more attention to the historical dynamics of terrorism and how organisations develop over time.

With this in mind, this thesis addresses an important knowledge gap. The primary goal of this research isto examine the evolution of the LTTE campaign in detail , within the framewo rk of existing theories of terrorist lifecycles . The central question is, ̳which factors influenced the changes in the LTTE lifecycle over time, and how?



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