Degree Name

Master of Creative Arts - Research


Faculty of Creative Arts


Trickle Down Effect: Sculpture and land is an exegesis that underpins the multimedia exhibition Under a Cloud. Through the lens of visual arts the project explores human relationships to water through the cyclic narratives of drought and flood along the length of the Darling River. The research project involves a journey along the river to bear witness to the changing circumstances of the river and its surrounding landscape and to listen to community concerns about the security of water as scientists predict a hotter, drier climate in south eastern Australia.

Journal entries recorded during two field trips to the Darling River trace the journey along the river and form the structure of the exegesis. Contained within this structure are the environmental, art historical, physical, social, methodological and aesthetic considerations that informed the response to ‘place’.

Through an investigation of Australian artists’ engagement with and response to environmental issues, the exegesis also examines the value of the artists’ contribution to the broader environmental debates.



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