Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Faculty of Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether a genre-based approach could support Thai students’ English literacy development. Specifically, the study aimed to see how an EFL literacy program informed by a genre-based approach helped students to develop an analytical appreciation of texts. This study also was to explore students’ attitudes towards the teaching program.

The participants in this study were fourteen third-year students in the Bachelor of Arts in the English major program at Chiangrai Rajabhat University. This study adopted a qualitative case study design, and a ten-week teaching cycle was designed and implemented at Chiangrai Rajabhat University. The cycle was aimed at helping students to gain access to the Appraisal resources and gain control of the review genre in particular.

Data were collected from multiple sources, including core data and supplementary data. The supplementary data included teacher and student journal entries. These data were used to adjust and improve the quality of teaching whilst the research was being conducted. The core data involved the recording of students’ group discussion, students’ written texts on a review, and interview data. The students’ group discussion was collected to see how students were able to use linguistic tools to analyse texts. Students’ written texts were collected and analysed by using linguistic analysis and in particular Appraisal theory in order to see how students could use the knowledge they had learnt to improve their writing. Interview data were collected before and after the teaching program. The pre-instruction interview was aimed at exploring students’ background in their reading classes at secondary and university levels. A post-instruction interview was used to elicit their attitudes toward such a teaching program.

The results revealed that the genre-based approach had a positive impact on students’ English literacy development. Such an approach helped the students develop a better understanding of texts. The approach also helped students to gain control of the review genre. They were able to employ Appraisal resources to help them achieve the purpose of such genre. They also showed positive attitudes towards the approach. An unanticipated finding of this study was the extent to which the metalanguage, provided in this program, enabled students to engage in extended dialogue.