Degree Name

Master of Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Software Engineering


It is certain that IP spoofing remains a serious issua at present over the Internet. Our work in this thesis is to offer an authentic source identifier which may be employed by a network for IP spoofing packets. In this thesis, we provide an original model together with an examination of a Spoofing Defence System (SDS) in an Autonomous System (AS) level designed for filtering the spoofed IP packets. An Inter-Domain Routing Validator (IRV) handles the secret keys and exchange keys among different ASes via a secure communication channel. As it is a secure system, the SDS is definitely effective and easily employed cooperatively with other defence systems.

FoR codes (2008)

080402 Data Encryption, 080503 Networking and Communications, 100503 Computer Communications Networks, 100504 Data Communications



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