Degree Name

Master of Arts (Research)


Faculty of Creative Arts


This thesis discusses the ESBow (Electronic Sensor Bow). The ESBow is a traditional violin bow enhanced with electronic sensors for the creation of electronic chamber music. These sensors include two force sensing resistors, a tri-axial accelerometer and a trackball with select. Key issues regarding electronic violin controllers will also be examined in this thesis. This includes a discussion on the significance of extending the legacy of an existing instrument. Other issues discussed include mapping and the composed instrument, and the role of haptic feedback to the performer. Details of the ESBow project and its history will be discussed before the current prototype design is detailed and reviewed. This will include both the technical details of the bow as well as the objectives and ideals behind the bow. The remainder of this thesis will focus on compositional applications of the ESBow. This thesis will only address the use of the ESBow as a solo instrument.



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