Degree Name

Master of Creative Arts - Research


Faculty of Creative Arts


You must give yourself credit for some things, old man. Give yourself credit for your driving. Or if you are too modest to give yourself credit for your driving and your long hours, then how about giving yourself some credit for your knot-tying? Surely you are the goddamned knot-tying champion of New South Wales and Queensland put together. Them Americans probably have a name for knot champions like you. Something decent and salt-of-the-earth-sounding. Rope-wranglers. Or knuckle-ringers. You should have asked your brother about it when you had the chance. You could have asked him how to get one around your neck while you were at it. Or is that more your sister’s speciality? You cannot give your sister credit for everything, old man; she did not persuade you to start tying such decent goddamned knots. You became all decent and honourable on your own. Give yourself credit for that much, at least.



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