Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


There is a large repertoire for the (French) horn yet it is mostly confined to standard tuning systems. Development of new repertoire, as demonstrated in this thesis, may assist in bringing non-standard tunings out of the margins and into the mainstream. A significant compositional resource is provided by the available harmonics of the standard double horn, 13-24 on each of 16 tube lengths, along with traditional techniques of lip, right hand and valve slide adjustments. The performance of compositions in extended just in tonation is discovered to be within the realm of expertise of players using standard brass instruments. A deeper understanding of the use of harmonics produced on lip vibrated instruments or labrosones is gained by classifying them according to just intonation prime-limits. The use of harmonics is therefore linked with the long and rich tradition of just intonation and other microtonal exploration. A method specifically for training horn players in extended just intonation completes this thesis.



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