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Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Informatics


This thesis describes the development of a strategic planning reference model that comprises a process reference model and an information architecture reference model. The purpose of the information architecture reference model is to provide a succinct and unambiguous presentation of the most important pieces of information that makes up a strategic plan. A strategic plan that is more easily understood and used would assist the staff of an organisation to better manage the organisation and also assist the information systems developers provide information systems better aligned to the organisations needs. To validate the information architecture reference model a normative research methodology is used which examines the current status of strategic planning and explores the need for improvement. In following the normative approach, it was then necessary to formulate what possibilities existed to change things and then to develop a proposal (the strategic planning reference model) to improve the process. The final step was to evaluate the proposal by using the information architecture reference model to develop a strategic planning model from an existing strategic plan.



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