Degree Name

Master of Information Systems and Technology by Research


University of Wollongong. School of Information Systems and Technology


Since the concept of cloud computing had been proposed, scientists started to conduct research on it. After Amazon supplied cloud services, lots of cloud techniques and cloud online applications have been developed. Recently, some traditional Web services change their service platforms to cloud platforms. Most of these Web services and applications concentrate on the functions of computing and storage.

This thesis focuses on improving the performance of cloud storage service. In particular, this manuscript presents a new storage model named Peer to Cloud and Peer (P2CP). We assume that the P2CP model follows the Poisson process or Littles law and have proved that the speed and availability of P2CP is better than the pure Peer to Peer (P2P) model, the Peer to Server and Peer (P2SP) model, and the cloud model by mathematical modeling. The main features of P2CP is that there are three data transmissions in the storage model. These are the cloud-user data transmission, the clients data transmission, and the common data transmission. P2CP uses the cloud storage system as a common storage system. When data transmission occurs, the data nodes, cloud user, and the non-cloud user are all involved together to complete the transaction.

This thesis also presents a deduplication storage system over cloud computing. Our deduplication storage system consists of two major components, a front-end deduplication application and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). HDFS is common back-end distribution file system, which is used with HBase, a Hadoop database. We use HDFS to build up a mass storage system and use HBase to build up a fast indexing system. With the deduplication application, a scalable and parallel deduplicated cloud storage system can be built up. We further use VMware to generate a simulated cloud environment. The simulation results demonstrate that the storage of our deduplication cloud storage system is better than traditional cloud storage systems.



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