Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


University of Wollongong. School of Economics


A collection of eighteen articles have been purposely chosen to demonstrate the development of the original and significant contributions of my research over the period 1990 to 2008. Despite the relatively large number of articles, which cover a range of related issues, there is a surprisingly consistent theme, namely the critical analysis of policies to promote economic growth and alleviate poverty. The first of three major issues in this dissertation analyses macroeconomic policies which increase national savings, investment and productivity in order to promote economic growth. In this context, the second issue evaluates policies which alleviate poverty by increasing agricultural production, creating employment and improving food security. The third major issue further develops and improves the related research methodologies to overcome identified shortcomings in the analysis of market efficiency and modelling of technological innovation and economic growth.

This research attempts to contribute to knowledge by conceptualising these important issues as research questions in relevant theoretical frameworks. The methodology adapts and develops economic models which are empirically estimated, where appropriate, using suitable econometric techniques. The overriding objective of this research is to create new insights and ideas that provide original and effective policy prescriptions which may have important economic, social and political consequences. This innovative analysis has been used in rigorous policy research projects for the United Nations and the governments of Australia and India. Indeed the examples included here provide evidence that this research has made a small contribution to the improvement of the human condition, particularly in India.