Degree Name

Master of Creative Arts


School of Music and Drama - Faculty of Creative Arts


At the forefront of cultural, social and political change Contemporary Aboriginal Theatre appeared on the horizon of Australian Theatre in 1968, just one year after the Australian government awarded citizenship rights for Aboriginal Australians. Historically Contemporary Aboriginal Theatre was a catalyst for cultural, political and social change in Australia, challenging existing assumptions of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal culture, politics and theatre. Negotiating change became a consequence of a creating and developing this new theatre experience in Australia. Contact with a Contemporary Aboriginal Theatre experience creates a space where both intercultural and intersubjective experiences take place. Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal theatre performance practioners are required to negotiate these cultural and social differences as well as allowing artistic process for Aboriginal actors and writers to develop. The overall consideration for working with Aboriginal themes or content in a play is respect. Respect for difference in process, respect for differences in training and experience, respect for the social and cultural exchange taking place and lastly acknowledgment of these processes.

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