Degree Name

Master of Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


This thesis, in support of the enclosed documentary film. Your Mother, Your Mother, Your Mother, Your Father, aims to examine the production and editing process in documentary making in the context of digital non-linear editing. I have built a discussion around the application of digital non-linear editing in terms of style, artistic integrity and informed consent. The first chapter deals with notions of developing a documentary story, its angle and spin. The second chapter examines the dilemma of ethical practice in making a documentary in reaction to market values, and subjectivity being a significant element of journalist's conscience. The third chapter discusses the process of the documentary film's editing. The thesis attempts to make transparent the thinking processes involved in making the film. The thinking was initially around what would be compelling for audiences and later became an inner, personal and subjective thinking process as the filmmaker became involved in relationship with the consenting subjects in the fikn.



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