Degree Name

Master of Creative Arts - Research


Faculty of Creative Arts


In this thesis, High Fidelity Image: Tracing the emergence of a new constructed image, the writings of a range of image theorists are used to develop an understanding of a discernible new construction�the new constructed image�and its potential impact on visual communication. The research includes a survey of a number of instances in pre-literate and other visual cultures in which the image operated as a primary mode of communication. This survey, presented as 'probes' is used to underpin the investigation of the constructed image in contemporary visual culture. On the basis of these ideas and investigations, the thesis proposes that a new image is emerging, which will correct the imbalance in the relationship between image and text. The new image will be a clear and precise communicative expression of an idea, using the qualities inherent in visual representation: compression of information, non-linear reading and visual language codes and image values.



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