Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


The focus of this DCA thesis is the development of original creative audio and audio-visual work. Central to this is a study of the nature of interactivity and sonic relationships between electroacoustic and acoustic music, extended further by the application of sonic and visual interactivity. This written documentation accompanies the major part of the DCA submission, a folio of five original works. Its purpose is to clarify, document and contextualise the creation of these works and to illuminate the aesthetic underpinnings and compositional techniques that I have developed during the period 2000 � 2004. The structure of this documentation is in three parts which support the research methodology of reflective investigation. This process begins with an introductory overview (Chapter 1). This is extended in the second part, (Chapters 2�5), an observation of the effect of the culture, contemporary musical environments and related creative practice in my work. The third part, (Chapters 6�10), details the nature, and techniques utilized in the development of the new works. These developments have also embraced the combination of live projected interactive visual imagery with acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Finally, I have investigated the role of sonic spatialisation and texture as expressive and structural devices in music composition.