Degree Name

Master of Science (Hons.)


Department of Geology


Sulphur in coals can and does cause environmental problems. Much of the worlds coal contains relatively high percentages of sulphur and is therefore environmentally undesirable. Australian coals have attained a dominant position in the world market by being able to provide low sulphur coals. To maintain this position it is necessary to maximise sulphur removal from mine product to meet the increasing demand for sulphur free coal throughout the world. Observations of modes and levels of sulphur occurrence in coals and coal bearing strata along a geotraverse in the North Bowen Basin of Queensland indicate that the modes of occurrence of sulphur are sufficiently distinct to indicate plant material as the principle source of sulphur in these coals, and to indicate sedimentary/climatic factors as plajang an important role in the percentage level and modes of occurrence of sulphur present. The sulphur inherent within the surrounding strata of these coal seams does not have a direct and significant effect on the percentage level or modes of occurrence of sulphur within the coal seams.



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