Degree Name

Master of Science (Hons.)


Department of Computer Science


This thesis is about normal and near-Yang sequences. An original definition of near-Yang sequences is included. After a short overview of the mathematical background of normal and near-Yang sequences, different algorithms for searching for these sequences are described. These algorithms can be divided in two groups: exhaustive search algorithms and heuristic search algorithms. One of the most important heuristic search algorithms is the simulated annealing algorithm. The following new results were found: Near-Yang sequences with weight 12 do exist for the following lengths ^ = 7,11,13,15. Normal sequences of length n = 24 do not exist. An exhaustive search for length n = 25 has been carried out for about 80% of the search-space and new normal sequences of length 25 have been found. The thesis concludes with a discussion of the algorithms and the results, and directions for further research are suggested. New results obtained from this research wiU appear in "New Results with Near- Yang Sequences", Utilitas Mathematica, which is accepted for publication. Key words: Normal sequences, near-Yang sequences, autocorrelation function, exhaustive search algorithm, heuristic search algorithm, simulated annealing.