Degree Name

Master of Science


Flooding velocities ^lere measured for five different packings, under both vtetting and non-vietting conditions ^ith and viithout the addition of a frothing agent, in a 3»75-inch glass column to permit visual observation. The air-viater system vías used and the results plotted according to the Sherwood et al type correlation. The results have revealed the importance of a number of variables affecting flooding in packed columns vihich do not appear to have been considered or included in flooding correlations in the past. These variables are:- (i) Particle surface 'i^ettability (ii) Particle shape, and (iii) Foaming properties of the liquid. It is shov9n that non-^/ietting packings reduce the tendency of flooding ^^hile the presence of foam drastically reduces the flooding velocity and causes irregular columjn operation earlier than expected from the existing correlation.