Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Public Health and Nutrition


This study was conducted to determine the current diet related practices of amateur body builders within the Illawarra region as well as to identify the principal sources of nutrition information used by these athletes. A self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain information from athletes training at five Illawarra gymnasiums. Thirty two competitive and noncompetitive body builders participated in the study. The questionnaire consisted of fourteen questions both open and closed-ended and was used to investigate the following issues: the major sources, used by body builders, for obtaining nutrition information; the ease of access to the information; current diet related practices of amateur body builders; diet related practices resulting from the information gained; and whether there was a need for an educational resource targeting the dietary needs of amateur body builders. The sources of nutrition information most often used by the respondents included articles from both body building magazines and other magazines, friends and fellow body builders and gym staff. The sources of information less frequendy used included a dietitian, the television, advertisements and a coach or trainer. The major uses of the nutrition information included changing the quantity of nutrients (ie carbohydrates, fat and protein) within the diet, adapting the diet for training and the introduction of new foods into the diet. One hundred percent of the respondents reported using dietary supplements or ergogenic aids either at the time the survey was conducted or had used them in the past. The results of this study were used



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