Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Public Health and Nutrition


Part One: The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) was an American study designed to compare the effects of intensive therapy with that of conventional therapy, on the development of long term complications. This study aimed to Australianise the Food Preparation and Food Pattern Questionnaires (FPPQs) and the Food Documentation Checklist (FDC) used in the DCCT. Part Two: The role of diet and more specifically fat, in many chronic diseases has been well established in the literature. The aim of this research was therefore to extend existing Australian food tables and develop a comprehensive food database representing the fatty acid profile of foods. In addition representing the current data available on saturated, mono unsaturated, polyunsaturated and trans fatty acids, this research also aimed to present data on omega three and six fatty acids. These fatty acids are important because of their established health benefits.