Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Chemistry


In order to develop new compounds for the rapid and effective diagnosis of melanoma in vivo, a number of radioisotopically labelled quinoline derivatives were prepared and tested in experimental animals. 131 Because of the intrinsic necessity to introduce I into the molecule at the latest possible state of the synthesis, the labelled compounds were prepared mainly through the Sandmeyer reaction. During the course of this work twenty new quinoline derivatives and two new acrylate intermediates were synthesised. In addition three monoiodoquinolines and two 4-amino-X-iodoquinolines labelled with 131 I together with five tritioquinolines were prepared for the first time. The yields of several of the reported preparative procedures were also greatly improved. The structural factors influencing the uptake of the labelled quinoline derivatives by melanomas and other pigmented tissues were elucidated from the distribution of the radioactive label in the various tissues of