Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Chemistry


A computer system for the control of a magnetic sector mass spectrometer has been designed, developed and tested. The software accepts data from an interface to a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer system, processes the data, in real time, to locate the mass peaks, displays the spectra as they are collected and records the mass spectral data for later display and analysis. The computer system (MAGNOVA) has been designed to run as an integral part of an already existing computer system (QUADNOVA) for control of a quadrupole mass spectrometer. By this means economy of computer facilities and memory has been achieved, enabling one computer to control either mass spectrometer and allowing use of existing data processing and display software. Thorough evaluation of the system has been undertaken, by comparison analysis of standard inert gas samples, by analysis of a sample of biological origin and a geochemical analysis. Qualitative accuracy was shown to be excellent and quantitative accuracy to be quite good. The system was also able to accurately analyse the output from long gas Chromatograph runs.



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