Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Biology


The taxonomic investigation of the 42 strains examined in this study has extended the phenotypic data available for three known species. These being Alteromonas rubra, Alteromonas luteoviolaceus and vibrio gazogenes. In addition a further three groups of possible new species are phenotypically described. These groups are most probably members of the genus Alteromonas, All of the strains examined exhibited some degree of in vitro antimicrobial activity . Two of the extracts prepared from A. rubra showed in vivo antibacterial activity. The water soluble extract was very active against P. m.o/iganii and the active component is most probably due to an acidic glycoprotein complex rather than an acidic polysaccharide as reported by Gauthier (1976c) . The potency and in vivo activity of this extract indicates that this compound(s) warrants further investigation.