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Master of Nursing (Hons.)


Department of Nursing


This study is concerned with defining the role of the Clinical Nurse Educator [CNE] in New South Wales [NSW] through the development of a set of competencies. The CNE is a nursing position that is unique to NSW. Anecdotal evidence and relevant literature points towards a lack of clear defmition and delineation of the CNE role from other nursing roles. The CNE role was defined by developing a set of competencies that clearly demonstrate the essential attributes, skills and knowledge that a CNE needed in order to fiilfill the role. The competencies were generated fi-om a panel of experts and then validated by practicing CNEs. An extensive literature review supported the need for this research. A list of the competencies generated by the research project is given at the end of Chapter Four, Research Results. The 20 competencies have been divided into 6 domains of practice, which reflect their main theme. These domains are: 1. Clinical Domain 2. Education Domain 3. Management Domain 4. Interpersonal Domain 5. Professional Domain 6. Reflective Domain Six pre-requisites required for the role of the CNE were also generated fi-om this research study. They are: 1. Registered Nurse 2. Evidence of continuing education 3. Post Basic Certificate in area of Specialty 4. Post Graduate Certificate in nursing education or 5. Post Graduate Diploma in education 6. 3-5 years clinical experience The methodology for the study was a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. The first part of the study consisted of the Delphi Technique with the use of a 20 member expert panel. Two rounds were required to be used with this technique. The experts were required to generate a hst of competencies/skills that they perceived were essential for the role of the CNE and then to rank them in levels of significance. The second part of the study consisted of a survey of 30 practicing clinical educators who were given the competencies developed by the expert panel and requested to identify what was required by them to fulfill their role. This study has resulted in the development of 20 competency statements and six pre requisite statements that defme and delineate the role of the CNE in NSW. These statements can be used to describe the role and to assist with the selection of individuals for the role.



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