Degree Name

Master of Nursing (Hons.)


Department of Nursing


This thesis reports on research that was undertaken to inquire into the health, ideas about health and issues of concern to adolescents m the Hunter region. The data obtained can provide a basis on which to establish, refine or co-ordinate health education and health care delivery. Adolescence is generally considered to be a healthy stage of life. However, adolescence can produce problems of a physical, psychological and social nature than can threaten not only the young person's health but also the health and well being of the future adult population. Although much attention has been given to health beliefs, knowledge and behaviours of adolescents there has been scant attention to the personal concerns of the adolescents and their self perceived health needs. The research was both qualitative and quantitative, with data gathered through the use of a specially developed, self-administered survey questionnaire that elicited subjective and objective responses. Seven hundred students from randomly selected High Schools in the region took part in the research. The methods of data analysis were descriptive and inferential with frequency distribution to determine measures of central tendency and spread of distribution. Relationships between specific variables were examined.