Degree Name

Master of Metallurgy (Hons.)


Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


Detailed analyses of the effects of air flow on the stockline of a l/17th model of the ironmaking blast furnace with a Paul Wurth hopper and top were carried out. Sinter and coke layers were separately charged against air flow rates from zero to 0.372m3/s. Different particle sizes for sinter and coke were selected in order to exaggerate the individual behaviour of each material. Coke particle sizes ranged from -8.0+6.3mm to -4.0+3.15mm and sinter particle sizes ranged from -2.5+2.0mm to -1.0+0.5mm. Thermistors were used to record above burden velocity profiles. The experimental data were analysed by theories of segregation and flow in packed beds as appropriate. Results show that air flow increases coke deformation which in turn decreases the angle of repose of the upper layer of sinter. However, even though a flatter profile was obtained, relative velocity profile increased as the air flow rate through the burden increased and radial velocity distribution followed a catenary pattern. Using appropriate particle size ratios, results from the small scale model are used to calculate air flow effects on the harmonic mean size distribution in a full size test rig. Sinter H.M.S. increases by 3% and coke H.M.S. increases by 10%.



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