Degree Name

Master of Metallurgy (Hons.)


Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


Chaiacteiizaition aM liberation studies are repoiied of samples fiom a Kmoko-xyp^ ore deposit m Saiigkaropi (Siik^si), Indonesia. Expeiimental method incMed optical, SEM/EDAX, XRD, chemical and textural anial3?sis. Results shov abundance of p5frite (23.5 %) and quailz (43.6 %). Valuable minerals consist of sphalerite (12.3 %), galena (9.9 %) and chalcop3?rite (7.1 %). Accessory sulphide minerals include bomite, covellite, chaicocite and tetrahedrite/tennantite vhilst baryte is a minor gangue mineral. Hie silver content of the ore although high. (327 g/tonne) could not be detected in either tetrahedrite or galena by the instrumentel techniques used.



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