Degree Name

Master of Engineering (Hons.)


Department of Mechanical Engineering


A computer program for the prediction of normal wall pressures and wall forces in mass flow bins, based on the Jenike method, has been developed. It operates in an interactive mode and produces both graphical and tabulated output. In the development of a simplified design method peak strain energy wall pressures were expressed as multiples of the corresponding Janssen pressures. Design charts were produced by applying a smoothing technique to reduce the magnitude of a discontinuity which is inherent in the Jenike method. The multiple of initial loads design approach has been extended to the cylinder in plane wail force, via a design factor for the force at the base of the cylinder, and the hopper transition overpressure. All design multiples are given in chart form. The simplified design method eliminates the tedious calculations and the consequent need for computer time which are associated with the strain energy method. The design chart method also allows sensitivity analyses to be carried out quickly. The computer program is still a useful tool for investigating out of the ordinary situations.



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