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Doctor of Science


Faculty of Engineering


My research work has been based on both fundamental and applied science, with a dominant theme of steel metallurgy. During an academic career spanning more than thirty years, the emphasis of my research has shifted progressively towards the applied end of the research spectrum. The publications are divided into two streams: martensitic transformations and shape memory alloys (Section 2.1); and welding and thermomechanical processing of steels (Section 2.2). The first stream has involved research that tends to be more fundamental in nature, whereas the second stream has more immediate industrial significance. Although these fields represent the two major thrusts of my research work, the complete list of publications (Appendix 2) indicates wider activity that includes the fields of surface engineering, creep of pressure vessel steels, engineering ceramics, recrystallisation in non-ferrous materials, solidification and archeometallurgy.

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