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PhD Doctorate


Faculty of Creative Arts


This study examines the significance of the work of Marcel Dupr� in the development of the French Symphonic Organ Tradition. The study focusses on Dupr�s work as an organist, composer, transcriber and editor of organ music. The study consists of two parts: a)Performance project: The performance project consisted of four recitals of music composed, transcribed or edited by Dupr�. The recitals also included a small number of works by composers who exercised a significant influence on Dupr�. The recordings of these live recitals are included with the thesis. b)Thesis: The thesis examines Dupr�s early development and primary influences, as well as the general development of the French Symphonic Organ Tradition. The thesis also examines Dupr�s career as a liturgical organist, an international virtuoso, and as a teacher of generations of organist/composers. The thesis analyses various aspects of performance and interpretation of the organ works presented in the performance project. The thesis documents the influence of Dupr� on the development of the French Symphonic Tradition across a number of traditions. It shows that, while there have been many prolific organist/composers associated with the French Symphonic Tradition, Dupr� personified the principles of this school more than any organist of his generation.

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