Degree Name

Master of Engineering (Hons.)


Department of Materials Engineering


The development of a 2.45GHz multimode oven is described. Difficulties were encountered in developing the temperature measurement and control system and the attainment of a uniform heating zone. On the strength of the development work, a number of recommendations to improve the microwave system were made. Suitability of the oven for processing of zirconia was investigated. Evaluation was carried out by a series of comparative experiments, with 3.0mol% Y-TZP, using conventional and hybrid microwave heating. It was demonstrated that the zirconia could be sintered, aged, and thermally etched with the microwave oven, and that binder burnout of the green compacts was successful. Interpretation of the experimental data, to determine whether the material properties were process or merely microstructure dependant, was unresolved due to the uncertainty of temperature measurements.



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