Degree Name

Master of Engineering (Hons.)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Programmable Array Manipulator (PAM), developed at University of Wollongong, is a novel, intelligent, programmable, and multi-directional conveyor capable of transporting a number of items toward individual destinations concurrently. PAM combines the three concepts behind the operation of the articulated robots, part feeders and conveyors to produce an efficient and high productivity machine. The work reported in this thesis is mainly concerned with modelling and simulation of PAM. This system is a modular, concurrent, and complex real-time system. The modelling is conducted at both the drive and functional levels of the system. In spite of its emphasis on PAM, the study, particularly in functional modelling, is quite generic and provides a framework for behaviour analysis, design and implementation of similar modular and concurrent real-time systems.



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