Degree Name

Master of Information Systems (Research)


School of Economics and Information Systems - Faculty of Commerce


This research aims to investigate the feasibility of using techniques in case-based reasoning for the knowledge acquisition phase in the development of knowledge management systems to allow knowledge sharing and reuse. Case-based reasoning is one area of artificial intelligence that allows us to deal with situation that are similar to the current ones and use them to solve new problems. The application of case-based reasoning techniques allows the knowledge management systems to acquire new knowledge by adopting the knowledge gained in new cases and reusing the old ones in the case repository. This way, it allows old knowledge to be shared and new knowledge to be added in the knowledge repository. This research also proposes an ontology-driven mechanism that provides standardised vocabularies and conceptualisation of knowledge domain. A prototype for a student admission enquiry system is developed on the Semantic Web to demonstrate the application of case-based reasoning cycle so that knowledge sharing and reuse can be achieved autonomously. Our results show that the application of case-based reasoning techniques allows sharing and reuse of past experience and knowledge in the knowledge management systems.