Degree Name

Master of Engineering


School of Mechanical Engineering


The increased interest in bulk handling with respect to grain production in recent year·s has resulted in much work being conducted in developing new types of conveyors ta add to the range of already available augers, pneumatic conveyors and bucket elevators.

One of these developments is the "Floveyor" grain elevator which elevates short columns of grain up a tubular casing. The columns of grain are supported on discs which are attached at regular intervals to an endless cable.

It is proposed in this thesis to study the potential of this type of conveyor as a working unito With this in mind Section 2 deals with the output rates and power requirements of the "Floveyor" and a perspex model. Theoretically predicted results of power are compared with test results and a correlation between the two is formed. A dimensional analysis of the system is also carried out to determine the dimensionless parameter on which models can be based to predict results for prototype conveyors of this type. These results are also compared with experimental ones.

Section 3 is an analysis of the natural circular frequencies of the "Floveyor" system. The section commences with a vibration analysis of the plain string and proceeds with problems of increasing complexity which represent the various modes of vibration possible with the "Floveyor".

An appendix deals with the more detailed representations of the vibration problems analysed in Section 3.



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