Degree Name

Master of Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering


This thesis presents a computer solution for the simultaneous differential equations describing the flow of bulk solids in a symmetric converging channel. Solutions are presented for both axisymmetric and plane flow channels. Tabulated programme output and also charts of the mass flow hopper design parameters S(0), S(a), ff, a^/yB, x'/yB and q have been produced for increments of effective yield locus of 5°. The charts produced verify the charts presented by Jenike. A programme for evaluating the design parameters S(a) and ff for a specific hopper installation and bulk solid was developed for incorporation into a general mass flow bin design programme. Since a suitable analytical expression for predicting flow consolidation stresses in converging channels is available, a computer programme was developed to produce charts of the analytically predicted flow parameters. A comparison is made of the accuracy of the analytical expressions with the numerical solutions.