Degree Name

Master of Education (Hons.)


Faculty of Education


This study identified the problems of Korean overseas students in WELC (Wollongong English Language Centre), and provided possible suggestions to resolve the problems. This study used multiple research methods, in favour of a more qualitative study. The methods employed were a survey, interviews with 9 case study students, an interview with their teacher, students' journals, and classroom observations. It was found that most Korean overseas students were instrumentally motivated in studying English, mainly to enter a university. However, their implicit reasons for studying English were somehow different from their explicit reasons. The problems students mentioned in the survey were general. However, these problems were identified in further detail through 9 case studies. The problems identified from 9 case studies included language and communication problems; study problems; living style and emotional problems; accommodation' and food problems; financial problems; and problems with Korean agents. Even though the problems were classified into categories and sub - categories, these were inter - connected. These inter - connections provided the bases for suggestions whereby the problems may begin to be resolved.



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