Degree Name

Master of Education (Hons.)


Faculty of Education


In view of the Policy and Implementation Statement issued by the NSW Department of School Education in November 1991, on the education of gifted and talented children, a postal survey was undertaken to ascertain how this had been introduced into primary schools. The Metropolitan South West Region's 135 primary schools of New South Wales Department of School Education were the target sample group. The following areas were examined: the educational background of the coordinator, the role of the co-ordinator and the progress of the policy implementation in the school. It was found that very few gifted and talented coordinators had participated in formal training in gifted and talented education and their role has not yet been clearly defined. A variety of strategies have been implemented to cater for the diverse needs of the gifted and talented children in these schools; however, many co-ordinators seek further training in this area. The study concludes with a number of recommendations to facilitate future implementation strategies.



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