Degree Name

Master of Education (Hons.)


Faculty of Education


Within the major framework of "professional development of teachers", this study has addressed the specific issue of "supervision of teachers for professional development". The NSW Department of School Education in Managing the School, 1987 has stated, that "supervision is a positive and integral aspect of staff development". This research asks, "Is supervision really helping teachers?" The study was conducted in two South Coast (NSW) primary schools over a period of 12 months. Data was collected by interviewing the two parties involved in supervision: teachers and their supervisors. Two levels of questions were asked in this evaluation: firstly, "What happened (with respect to supervision) in the two case study schools over the period of the research and what factors were responsible?" secondly, "What were the perceptions of supervisors and supervisees with regard to supervision?" Responses to these second level questions revealed that supervisors and supervisees in these two schools have different perceptions of supervision. The participants have identified the factors which they perceive have promoted and inhibited supervision for professional development in each case study school. A model of "supervision" for professional growth of teachers was described uniformly by more than 75% of the supervisees interviewed. The findings reveal that in two schools, teachers believe that supervision should lead to professional growth. In addition the data shows that experienced teachers in these two schools have definite ideas on how they should be developed. Several emergent issues relevant to supervision were identified by the study.



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