Degree Name

Master of Education (Hons.)


Centre for Studies in Literacy


This study examines the correlation between the values reflected in the principles contained in the school literacy policy and those reflected in teachers' beliefs and practices in the classroom. Evaluation practices, by their very nature, are determined by the values established and acted upon in a given context. Therefore there ought to be correlation between stated policy principles and teachers' evaluation practices. Principles were extracted from the school's stated policies in literacy teaching and evaluation. The teachers were interviewed and observations were made of classroom practices and procedures. Descriptive and inferential reports were written and the categories of beliefs, practices and concerns were formed. The literacy policy principles and the teachers' beliefs, practices and concerns were correlated and incongruencies were noted. The three issues of policy, practice and purpose emerged. These issues have implications for the profession of teaching as it relates to evaluation and implementation of school literacy policies. A set of procedures were established for curriculum analysis which will enable school personnel to make explicit the instances in which review, revision and adaptation are needed.