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Master of Arts (Hons.)


Department of English


Colonialism has always had a dramatic impact upon traditional societies. Not only does it alienate and dispossess indigenous peoples from their cultural provenance but arrests their intellectual/ so that they view their own cultures as necessarily inferior to Western cultures. It was essentially in response to colonialism that preindependence Papua New Guinea drama and writing in general emerged. The introduction of Western education (especially tertiary education) made Papua New Guineans aware of their exploitation and subjugation by a foreign power and at the same time raised their conscioijhess that it was not right for them to be oppressed by a foreign power. Generally the anti-colonial reaction manifested itself in various themes. For example, cultural nationalism, the quest for self-determination and political independence, culture clash, search for identity and so on. They addressed the reaffirmation of traditional social, cultural and political institutions which colonial discourse had denigrated and rejected.



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