Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


The concept of a multi-address computer to computer interface is introduced and applied to the design of an interface between an IBM36O central computer and a PDPQL satellite computer. The construction and commissioning of the interface is described. Up to 128 different devices or destinations may be accessed by the IBM360 computer through the interface without the need for any special input-output conventions or any modifications to the standard IBM36O operating system» Peripheral devices attached to the PDPQL satellite computer as well as the satellite computer itself appear as normal IBM360 devices to the IBM360 system. The application of the interface to communication within a computer network is discussed. The satellite computer software necessary to enable this type of communication to take place is described and has been demonstrated for direct computer to computer program transfers and PDP9L magnetic tape operations under IBM36O computer control. The satellite computer software associates one of the interface addresses with a buffer well, which^ is able to be used for the storage and later retrieval of programs as well as data. The usefulness of such a program and data buffer well in scheduling the activities of satellite computers and their slower peripheral devices has been illustrated with incremental graph plotting and paper tape punching«



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