Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Information Technology and Computer Science


This thesis explores the relationships between a Telecommunications Strategic Planning Process (TSPP), the organisation and the environment for developing an understanding of the idea of a National Telecommunications Strategic Planning Process (NTSPP) in Thailand. The overall aim is to explore a new understanding of a NTSPP by providing the first detailed study of the strategic planning and practices of the Thai telecommunications industry during its first 42 years (1954-1996). It applies the Strategic Planning Process (SPP) principles to further the understanding of a NTSPP in Thailand. By using the SPP framework, this study develops a theoretical TSPP framework for analysing the underlying TSPP within the national telecommunications actors in Thailand. It also seeks to illustrate the limitations of the traditional strategic planning theory when applied to a new TSPP: The central thesis posited, is that to develop an understanding of the underlying TSPP that has occurred within the national telecommunications actors that have appeared to play a role in Thailand's NTSPP.



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