Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Management


This study reviews the international position on the transition process of a competent technical professional competent manager within the manufacturing industry and then evaluates the Australian experience. New models are presented as a result of this work defining organisational, academic, and individual roles and responsibilities throughout that transition process.

In contrast to much of the published literature the occupational motivation, career orientation, and personal characteristics and beliefs of both technical and non-technical respondents in this research group were not substantially different, and the population could be considered a single group in those regards. Role transition within this group was believed to be constrained not by occupational orientation, but by the lack, or inappropriateness of training and experience. This group also believed that management activity was of a sufficiently generic nature that specifically tailored academic programmes are not required. The research validated the proposition that management is not a profession but a craft that is constantly enriched by experience and education and that the Australian education and business environment is not conducive to the creation or development of technical professionals into managers.

The research document concludes with a discussions of the implications of this research on the public and private sector, and on the limitations of this research and recommendations for further study.



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