Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Computer Science


The research reported in this thesis concerns modelling the behaviour of acoustic waves in echolocation, and subsequent visualisation on a computer screen. The aim of this work is to assist researchers to study the motion of waves. Three simulation models are reviewed, two discrete and one continuous. The discrete models include the Lattice Gas model and the Transmission Line Matrix model. The continuous model discussed here is based on mathematical equations. The features of the three models are studied and compared. Their problems are specified and some solutions are proposed. Finally, visualisations of several common robotic sensing situations utilising these three models are presented.

The contributions of this thesis are in (i) the 2D implementation, characterisation and extension of the Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) and Lattice Gas (LG) models of lossless acoustic wave propagation and (ii) the modelling of specular reflection off curved single curved surfaces and (iii) modelling of multiple reflection paths.