Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Civil and Mining Engineering


Application of Dispersion Mechanics to mine ventilation surveys is studied using C2H2 tracer release and detection on the 2 Drill level at Elura Mine, Cobar, NSW.

Preliminary calibration work of the measuring systems in the laboratory and in a large test rig together with the results obtained is reported. It is found that the results in these non-mining systems closely follow the results of Dispersion Mechanics theory for a dispersed plug flow model.

For the underground conditions studied the results of tracer studies show that the ventilating air flow is layered or segregated in a “tube bundle” pattern. These tracer results are reproduced by the results of traditional anemometer readings obtained under flow conditions. The results also show that the same the ventilating air flow under actual underground conditions is characterised by transient behaviour which appears to be a normal behaviour of the ventilating air in underground workings. Application of the results to practice is included.